Air Wash Flooring

Photocatalyst flooring, wall panel
A new idea that “the floor cleans air”.

- about AIR WASH -

What is photocatalyst?

Photocatalyst flooring and wall panel clean the room with its photocatalytic reaction activated from the weak light such as fluorescent light and LED.

【Joint development] of Well Create Corporation x Nitto Flooring Co.,Ltd.】
Registered in the new technology information system of Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism in 2014 / Eco Premium certified by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry

Test results indicated
99.9% reduction of “human coronavirus”

The visible light-sensitive photocatalyst “Air Wash Flooring” has been known to reduce Influenza virus and norovirus by 99%; however, as a result of our recent test, it successfully reduced “human coronavirus”, which has very similar genetic information to COVID-19. The “human coronavirus” has very similar gene to the current COVID-19 if not exactly the same. Therefore, we are expecting that “Air Wash Flooring” may have the power to eliminate COVID-19. Air Wash Flooring can respond to the current customers’ sterilization needs that are becoming high in the “age of with COVID-19”.

We hope that we may have the opportunity of serving you with our safe and comfortable “Air Wash Flooring” for viruses infection control.

Eliminate norovirus and influenza virus!!

Degrade formaldehyde and VOC!!

Air Wash Flooring has been installed in a wide variety of buildings and houses.

Three important characteristics

  • Deodorant Significantly reduce four major strong odors (ammonia, trimethylamine, hydrogen sulfide and methyl mercaptan)
  • Degradation Reduce VOC (volatile organic carbon) that causes allergic reaction
  • Antibacterial property Inactivate bacteria, mold, virus, etc. that are fell on the floor.

Hinoki flooring washes air with LED light!

A new technology that reacts to indoor visible light.

How light can clean air....

When the visible light (fluorescent lamp, LED light, etc.) illuminates titanium oxide, strong oxidation reaction is provoked leading to eliminate harmful substances such as organic compound and bacteria coming close. This material is called “visible light-sensitive photocatalyst”.

Air Wash Hinoki

is the flooring coated with the visible light-sensitive photocatalyst as explained above. [MLIT’s NETIS registered][METI’s Eco Premium certified】


Characteristics of Air Wash Hinoki

Effective for a long time
Deodorant and sterilization chemical only effective when they are used; however, Air Wash Hinoki lasts for a long time as it works with the photocatalytic reaction.
Safe and comfortable
The phtocatalyst used in this flooring is a rutile-type that is also used in the cosmetics. Therefore, it is safe for the human body.
Cost reduction
This floor is cost effective because everyday use electric air purifier and deodorant sprays are unnecessary.
If the floor can receive natural light, the floor is further Eco-friendly.
Pet smells aren’t noticed.
These characteristics are in use anywhere the Air Wash Floor is installed and thus, it is cost effective.

Performance of Air Wash Hinoki

・Inactivates bacteria, mold, virus, etc. that are fell on the floor.
・ Reduces strong odors. Bad odors are caused by a massive amount of bacteria and stains fell on the floor.

Source of odor Smell Cause Density felt by human
Ammonia Odor of human waste Human’s smells(perspiration and urine, foot perspiration or foot sebum) 0.1ppm
Methyl mercaptan Odor of decaying onion Human’s smells, pet smells 0.0001ppm
Trimethylamine Odor of decaying fish Garbage 0.001ppm
Hydrogen sulfide Odor of decaying egg Garbage 0.006ppm

・ Reduces VOC (volatile organic carbon) that causes allergic reaction


Air Wash Hinoki analysis of component


Frequently asked questions

Where has this flooring been installed?
It has been installed in various facilities such as day-care facilities, education facilities, general homes, apartment houses, stores, and so on including welfare facilities, nursery homes, kindergartens, day-care centers for kids, schools, and nursing homes for the aged.
How long will its function last?
When carefully used, its function will last for a long time as the floor has layers stronger than the normal flooring. Even if the coating is lost, its effects will last.
Does the photocatalyst have any bad effects on the human body?
The phtocatalyst used in this flooring is a rutile-type that is also used in the cosmetics. Therefore, it is safe for the human body.
Is maintenance allowed?
Yes, but we recommend you to ask the professional workers for the maintenance as the technique for thin film coating and its immediate solidification is needed.
What should we care about when using the floor?
There is no need of taking special care for this flooring. You can use, design, store, and maintain this flooring just as the normal one.
Is waxing allowed?
There is no need of waxing. This flooring temporarily lose its effects after waxing. If you want to wax this flooring, use “Creff Coat Light” wax especially made for Air Wash Flooring. For details, please contact us.