We support your safe and comfortable life
from underfoot

A new idea that
“the floor cleans air”.

We are proud of our craftsman’s techniques
that have the No.1 accuracy in Japan

We propose best suit
flooring according to your life style.

Muku flooring. Slowly changes
to the users’ color.

“A cutting board made of Japanese cypress produced in Miyazaki Prefecture”, “My chopsticks making kit using Japanese cypress produced in Miyazaki Prefecture”, and “Creff Coat Light, wax with Air Wash photocatalyst” have started to sell in the on-line shop.

Nitto is a well-established flooring maker based in Miyakonojo-shi, Miyazaki Prefecture
For 70 years, we have had a passion for making Muku flooring
Please take a look at our video introducing our thoughts on manufacturing and the pride of craftworkers

History & Development

Company Introduction Movie

Air Wash Flooring PR movie

Product information

We have flooring material that can be selected up to various customers’ purposes of use and we also offer wall materials, skirting board, and construction materials that can be coordinated with the selected flooring material.



We have a wide variety of products lineups from Air Wash Premium series in which photocatalyst coated flooring cleans air, to Excellent series.

Wall panel, skirting board, and ceiling material

We have abundant types of wall materials to be decorated on the skirting board and wall covering all or partially as an accent.

Construction Materials for wall and entrance

Entrance material or parts to cover the entrance material to match the flooring beautifully are introduced here.


The production of Japanese cypress (hinoki) flooring and wall panel have been No.1 in Japan for 30 consecutive years. Our passion for hinoki flooring as a pioneer is introduced.

About Nitto Corporation

Nitto Co.,Ltd. is a Japanese top producer of flooring and wall materials made of hinoki. Nitto also has flooring of other materials including cedar, cherry, and oak.

Attraction of hinoki

Japanese cypress (hinoki) is popular precious wood. It has the rich scent and naive touch, and its surface “color and smoothness” get better and better as you use it longer. These make hinoki very popular wood material.

Characteristics of Muku flooring

Muku means pure and natural authentic flooring,unlike products such as plywood flooring.

Home and health

“Healthy home with natural wood material makes safe and cozy space for children and elderly.” All our products are non-formaldehyde and thus using our products will lead you to live healthier and more comfortable life.

Works for public facilities.

Nitto’s products have passed strict inspections as JAS certified products and are used in a variety of public facilities and schools.

Works for shops and houses

Live with nature. Nitto supports your safe and comfortable life from underfoot. We propose best suit flooring according to your life style.

Maintenance of flooring

Here are how to take care of the flooring in everyday life and some cautions when using it.


Our headquarters and factories are in the woodworking complex in Hayasuzu-cho, Miyakonojo-shi, Miyazaki.