- Excellent series -

Price Table No.2

Product No. Product Name List Price (yen per tsubo)
BS-315UAW Air Wash Cherry Unit (Special A) 50,000
BS-715UAW Air Wash Cherry Unit (Standard) 47,300
BS-912UAW Air Wash Slim Cherry (Standard) 48,700
PYBS-315UAW Air Wash Cherry (Unit) for floor heating 59,500
PSBS-1315UAW Air Wash Cherry (Unit) for floor heating side 56,800
BS-2715UAW Air Wash Northeast Birch Cherry Unit (Special A) 52,800
RS-1215UAW Air Wash Oak Unit (Special A) 59,500
RS-412UAW Air Wash Slim Oak (Standard) 58,200
PYRS-215UAW Air Wash Oak (Unit) for floor heating 78,400
PSRS-1215UAW Air Wash Oak (Unit) for floor heating Side 75,700
TS-615 Wide Teak (4-ply) 60,900
KS-015U Koto (Excellent) (6-ply) 108,200
KK-509U Joheki 9P 83,800
SK-712 Miyakosugi 28,400
BS-115 Cherry Unit (knots) 35,200
KS-T03UV Cherry Special Teak Color (knots) 32,500
TS-015 Teak Special 90mm width 67,600
RS-115 East oak (brown) 54,100
CS-115 Chestnut Special (Special A) 51,400
CS-315 Chestnut Special (Economy) 43,300
CSA-515 Chestnut Special (Antique) * Naguri processed 44,600
WS-015 Black Walnut 90mm width 82,500
KS-215U Zelkova Special 1-ply 106,800
PYTS-115U Teak (Unit) for floor heating 85,200
PSTS-1115U Teak (Unit) for floor heating side 82,500

※Dimensions and prices are subject to change without notice due to the product’s improvement.